22 January 2012

RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF // at Kashiwa


  1. ugh, I love em. Such great shots in low light that I can't achieve. Any advice for that kind of setting?

  2. can't achieve? man, those shots of the green datsun on your page are unbelievably crisp! how'd you get those? the one of mr. nakai is a bit too grainy, but i really like his expression in that one. only thing i know to do is use a quick lens, and the only one within my budget was the 50mm 1.8. super cheap and i've been using it non-stop since i got it. i really want the 35mm 1.4m but its around ¥150,000.

    i'm still unsure of what i'm doing when i operate a camera. i feel that composition-wise, i'm beginning to get things down the way i want, but i never know which settings to use in any given situation. these are the few that came out well when a large percentage of the images i took weren't useable. i'm just gonna try to give myself as many chances to take photos as i can, so i can practice and get familiar with my camera.

  3. same here with getting familiar with the camera. It's just frustrating taking dozens of photos to have only a few good ones. The LCD screen on the back is very misleading.

    as for lenses, I do have a few in mind but it all comes down to money. I am sure you can appreciate that.

    I forget, what camera are you using?

    I think your composition is amazing. I don't have the attention to detail that you and other have and don't put enough effort in to getting the right angle and such. that's ADD for you :)

    in regards to the Datsun, that's all tripod and I wish I could carry it around wherever I went. without it, low light shots are impossible for me. is it me? the camera? I just did an interview with the owner of TRIAL and the one shot, the one shot that looked great, is just blurry enough to be shit.

  4. yeah, totally understood. i feel ya. i'm using a nikon d90, but as you know investing serious lenses is much more important than the camera, which i've yet to do.

    i shot some street drifting recently with my friends from mayday garage, and their shots were fantastic, while i only came out with a handful of useable ones out of the hundreds i attempted. their work is amazing: http://maydaygarage.com/2012/01/14/another-all-nighter-with-the-locals-drift-edition/

    keep at it! catch you later.