31 October 2011

TEC-ART'S サーキットフェスティバル 2011 // 日光サーキット
TEC-ART'S Circuit Festival 2011 // at Nikko Circuit


  1. seriously, amazing photos. not just this set either. I strive to get the shots you are getting. do yourself and others a favor and get a job with this. not me though because I want to do this and if you do it well, then it will be harder ;)

  2. thanks! i'm hoping to make it at least a side job in the future, but for now, its just a hobby. i honestly don't know anything more about photography (especially motorsports) than the next person, but i enjoy it. right now, i am just trying to take every chance to hit up as many different kinds of shows and events that i can get to, because i need as much practice as possible. since i am lacking in the experience department, the only way i know to make up for it is getting a lot of variety in my shots and trying to spot cool things that others don't. haha. you have so many interesting shots and a unique style too, keep at it and we can help each other out!